Best Ways To Use Multipurpose Mildew Eliminator

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Multipurpose is an understatement!

Here are some tips & tricks to get the full benefits of Healthy Planet Products – Multipurpose Mildew Eliminator


Blast away mildew and algae stains! Whether it’s brick, siding, gutters, soffits/fascia, windows, patios/decks, awnings, or roofs – Mildew Eliminator will never cease to amaze you.

For large cleaning projects, we recommend using a clean 1 gallon pump sprayer for easy coverage – Create a solution of 4 cups Multipurpose Mildew Eliminator and 12 cups of warm water. Spray liberally to area, let the product eat away the mildew and algae for 15-30 mins, lightly agitate with a long brush, and rinse off with a water hose or pressure washer.

Looks brand new!

Bathrooms & Kitchen

No more slimy mildew or stains in your tub and shower walls! Multipurpose Mildew Eliminator is also great for: cleaning the inside of your refridgerator, dish washer, sinks, toilets, faucets, drains, stubborn grout, windowsills… the possibilities are endless.

There’s nothing this product can’t handle!

Vehicles & Boats

Deep clean your boats, vehicle’s carpet, mats and cloth/leather seats easily. Multipurpose Mildew Eliminator does the hardwork for you!

Spray with Mildew Eliminator, let sit for 15 minutes, lightly agitate with a rag/brush, and rinse with water hose or pressure wash.

What Else Can Multipurpose Mildew Eliminator Clean?

Clothing & Shoes

Upholstery & Curtains



Rugs & Carpet

Washing machine


Outdoor furniture




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