Mildew is a living organism that grows with warmth, humidity, and nutrients.  It’s a fungus that has many colors, like, white, green, rust, and even black.  As strange as it sounds, mildew can lie dormant during the winter months and come back to life when spring comes around.  Chlorine (bleach) is only a temporary fix.  It kills very little and as soon as any light hits the mildew it starts to grow again. 

It was discovered that fabrics made with natural fibers have better resistance to fungi and bacteria, because of its breathability.  Whereas, synthetic fibers will hang on to the odor and mildew.  

First, take clothing outdoors, shake and brush off any loose growth (if possible).  Next, pre-soak.  Spray over stained area and soak for 2 hours, then put in washing machine on your hottest setting.  If stain remains, repeat washing and add ½ cup of Multipurpose Mildew Eliminator.  Heat and sunlight will help to eliminate mildew.  DO NOT USE BLEACH WHEN USING MULTIPURPOSE MILDEW ELIMINATOR. 

Spray Multipurpose Mildew Eliminator lightly on your carpets, rugs, or drapes.  Then scrub with sponge or brush, and let it sit for 15 minutes.  Rinse and repeat, if needed. 

When treating dark areas like, closets, garages, and rooms with no circulation, spray it at the base then over walls.  Use a sponge and cover all areas to be treated.  If mildew is in the wall, drill small holes, and pour Multipurpose Mildew Eliminator in, then cover the holes.  This is the fastest way to treat at the source. 

YES! Spray it on the outside walls of your house.  Let it sit for 15-30 minutes.  They spray off with water hose or pressure washer.