Powerful Odor Control

A Healthy Planet Starts With A Healthy Home!

Powerful Odor Control.

Our odor control products are specially formulated to be both biodegradable and planet-friendly. Made from an all-natural crystal mineral with a porous three-dimensional honeycomb framework of millions of tiny pore spaces. Our products work both like a sponge and a magnet; soaking up and absorbing odors leaving behind the scent of your choice.

Our Odor Control products don’t mask odors – it neutralizes and eliminates them completely. The result is dryer, cleaner, healthier air. It is non-toxic and harmless to pets, humans and the environment.

Prove It Yourself Test

Smear the palm of your hand with pure ammonia. Smell the strength of the ammonia. Now, sprinkle a coat of Odor Absorber over the area and rub into your palm, dry with the formula or just let it set in your hand for one minute. Now smell, no more ammonia smell!

Pet Odors

Urine & Feces


Auto Interiors



Mold & Mildew

Cooking Odors

Diaper Pails

Trash Cans


and many more!