Arm and Hammer VS Room Refresher: Which is the Best Powder Carpet Deodorizer?

Looking for the best vacuum cleaner deodorizer to uplift your home’s ambiance? Our in-depth review of Arm & Hammer versus Room Refresher will help you choose the best deodorizer for your needs!

In the quest for a fresher, more inviting home, choosing the right room deodorizer can make all the difference. But with so many powdered carpet deodorizers on the market, it can be overwhelming to find the right one for you.

In this review, we will dive into two popular powdered carpet deodorizers – Arm & Hammer and Room Refresher – to help you determine which one is the best fit for your needs.

Arm & Hammer is hailed for its odor-neutralizing magic, and it’s believed to be safe for pets and kiddos. Many health-conscious families swear by it.

On the flip side, Room Refresher is a less-known carpet deodorizer that uses natural fragrances to spruce up your space without any harsh chemicals or destructive baking soda.

But which one is right for you? Let’s dig into their effectiveness, safety, scents, longevity, and bang for your buck.

Stick around ’til the end to pick the best fit for your family’s coziness and well-being!

Arm & Hammer vs Room Refresher: A Quick Overview of Each

Arm & Hammer, renowned for its powerful odor-neutralizing properties, finds a competitor in Room Refresher, a natural, unsung hero of the carpet deodorizing world!

Arm & Hammer Carpet Deodorizer

image of arm and hammer extra strength carpet odor eliminator
Image Source: Walmart

Arm & Hammer’s carpet deodorizer is well-known for its amazing odor-busting abilities! By harnessing the natural magic of baking soda, this carpet deodorizer not only zaps away bad smells but also leaves a nice, subtle freshness without being too strong.

Arm & Hammer is known for being pet and kid-friendly, with mostly non-toxic ingredients. Plus, it’s budget-friendly and easy to find, so it’s a top pick for families looking to keep their homes smelling great.

Room Refresher

Room Refresher, however, stands out by going all-natural. That means it’s a chemical-free, eco-friendly option for folks who prefer staying clear of synthetic smells or harsh stuff.

This product is all about using plant and mineral essences to give your space a fresh vibe. Perfect for health buffs and allergy sufferers. It might not be as popular as Arm & Hammer, but Room Refresher has found its tribe among those into natural and sustainable home goods.

Meet your carpet powder reviewer

Hey there, I’m Shannon, your go-to for all things carpet deodorizing!

I’m not just a reviewer; I live in the chaos as a mom to six boys and a dog, all sharing a carpeted kingdom I like to call home. 🙃

Juggling it all and keeping my home smelling good is like tackling a Herculean task daily!

But I’m here to share my real-life thoughts on powdered carpet deodorizers, giving you insights only a mom like me can provide in this crazy carpet world!

Arm & Hammer VS Room Refresher: A Product Review

Now that you’ve gotten to know me and got the lowdown on the contenders, it’s time to jump into the core of our carpet deodorizing face-off.

Can Arm & Hammer’s reliable baking soda formula take on Room Refresher’s all-natural strategy?

Hang tight as we sniff-test these products in a house that really puts them to the challenge!

Which is the best product to get the smell out of carpet?

image of Healthy Planet Products room refresher

When it comes down to choosing between Arm & Hammer and Room Refresher for getting that stubborn smell out of your carpet, it really depends on what you’re looking for in a deodorizing product.

If you’re aiming for something that’s heavy-duty, budget-friendly, and can handle the rough and tumble of a house filled with pets and kids, Arm & Hammer’s carpet deodorizer might be the way to go. Its baking soda formula is a powerhouse at neutralizing odors.

However, it’s important to note that despite its effectiveness, Arm & Hammer’s carpet deodorizer receives an overall C rating from the Environmental Working Group (EWG), primarily due to its fragrance ingredients, which actually receive a D. 😬

This rating suggests a moderate to high level of concern regarding the health and environmental impact of these ingredients.

Those particularly sensitive or looking to maintain a toxin-free home might take this into consideration when making their choice.

On the other hand, if your priority is using products that are eco-friendly, chemical-free, and made from natural ingredients, Room Refresher is your best bet.

It’s especially suitable for those with allergies or sensitivities to synthetic fragrances or harsh substances. While it might not be as widely recognized as Arm & Hammer, it’s a fantastic option for those committed to a natural lifestyle!

In the end, both products have their strengths and cater to people with different needs. Your choice will largely depend on your specific requirements for safety, effectiveness, and environmental impact.

Which carpet deodorizer can I put in my vacuum to make it smell better?

It is said that many vacuums can handle a sprinkle of baking soda carpet deodorizer in the bag or dust container. It’s said to freshen things up while you clean, but let’s talk about the toll it takes on your machine.

Turns out, baking soda can be rough on the inside of your vacuum cleaner and cause breakdowns over time.

“The scent on this odor eliminator made my head hurt for days. It is way too strong. I have a brand new Dyson and it clogged up the filter pretty good. If you are an asthmatic, you are going to be inhaling this thing for months to come. I didn’t have a choice but to remove the rug from my Family Room. This stuff is horrible. I had read the reviews but I did not imagine it would be this strong. It has now been 4 weeks since I used it and I can still smell it. Dealing with my Dyson is going to be a whole other story. Nasty stuff!”

Little Lady

Before you sprinkle, check your vacuum’s manual to be safe. Some vacuum brands warn against it to avoid damage.

If you want a gentler option, consider Room Refresher! It’s safe for your carpet and won’t harm your vacuum like baking soda can. (Plus it smells better!)

Which carpet deodorizer has the better scent options?

I’m glad you asked!

When it comes to different scents, Room Refresher is the top choice! They’ve got a bunch of refreshing fragrances made from natural stuff like essential oils and extracts.

The scents in their range are super calming and energizing, suiting all kinds of preferences:

  • Cinnamon
  • Clean Cotton
  • Crisp and Clean
  • Hawaiian Breeze
  • Honey Suckle
  • Lavender
  • Lavender Lemon
  • Lovin’ Lemon
  • Mulberry
  • Pomegranate
  • Rain Forest
  • Sandy Beaches
  • Vanilla
  • Very Cherry

They even have seasonal scents, such as Carmel Apple, Pumpkin Spice Latte, Sugar Cookie, and Winter Spice!

My daughter-in-law absolutely loves them.

“I’ve used the odor absorber several times since purchase, and love it! The scent fills the room and lasts for a while! It even makes my vacuum smell good. It’s so reassuring to have such a good smelling product that isn’t harmful like other products can be!”

So, whether you’re into lavender, citrus, or mint, you’ll find a Room Refresher scent you’ll love.

On the other hand, Arm & Hammer’s baking soda deodorizers offer fewer scents that might smell a bit more chemical and overpowering:

  • Island Mist
  • Fresh Breeze
  • Pet Fresh
  • Extra Strength

So, if you’re all about simple, pleasant scents in your home, Room Refresher is definitely the way to go!

Which carpet powder has the best ease of application?

Ease of application is key when picking a carpet deodorizer, and Room Refresher nails it in this department. The pouch is super handy – just shake and sprinkle it over your carpet or scoop out the granules for a more hands-on approach.

They’re touch-safe, so you can control the amount precisely. This easy setup cuts waste and guarantees even application, streamlining your cleaning routine.

Now, Arm & Hammer’s powder is a bit clunkier to spread evenly. It does the job, but some spots might end up with more powder.

The pouring spout is a nice touch for easier sprinkling, though.

Which deodorizer is compatible with different carpet types?

When it comes to different types of carpets, Room Refresher is super versatile. It’s gentle yet effective, so it works well with all sorts of carpet fibers – from classic wool to modern synthetics.

With its natural ingredients, it won’t mess up your carpet’s look or feel, even with regular use.

On the other hand, Arm & Hammer’s deodorizers, while generally okay for carpeting, might be a bit tough on delicate or natural fibers because of their chemicals.

So, if you’ve got a mix of carpet types, especially the sensitive ones, Room Refresher is the friendlier option.

Which deodorizer carpet powder provides long-term odor control?

When it comes to keeping things smelling fresh, Room Refresher and Arm & Hammer’s deodorizer powders are top contenders!

“I have been a house cleaner for the last 28 years! I have used many products on the market. Healthy Planet’s Room Refresher is one of my absolute favorites! My clients especially love the vanilla scent. Every time I put a new vacuum bag in I always add 1-2 tablespoons of the Room Refresher. It leaves a clean yet subtle scent in the air. I panic when I run low because my clients are as hooked as I am! Love this product!”


Room Refresher offers a more natural aroma that’s a breath of fresh air, while Arm & Hammer’s products can leave a stronger chemical scent behind.

“Nice scent and seems to last a while.”

James Clark

“I was hoping the EXTRA STRENGTH meant it worked better not that it was like powered perfume. I had headaches for days after using very little in the living room area. Not for anyone who is sensitive to smells which I’m not but it was way to overpowering and artificial smelling and it lasted days.”

GwAmazon Customer

Some folks find that lingering fragrance a bit overwhelming, causing discomfort and headaches. Just something to consider for your sniff-worthy needs!

Which carpet deodorizer powder has the safest ingredients?

When it comes to checking the safety of ingredients in carpet deodorizer powders, Healthy Planet’s Room Refresher really shines.

This product is a top pick because it uses natural ingredients, making it a healthier option for folks worried about chemicals in their homes.

Unlike the usual powdered carpet deodorizers that might have synthetic scents and harsh chemicals, the Room Refresher goes for natural aromas like vanilla. It not only smells nice but does it without the risk of bothering those sensitive to strong, fake smells.

Which carpet deodorizer has the best price or value?

image of arm and hammer extra strength carpet odor eliminator
Image Source: Walmart

If budget is your primary concern and you aren’t worried about the implications of potentially harsh ingredients or the possibility of harming your vacuum cleaner, Arm & Hammer’s Carpet Odor Eliminator series offers the most cost-effective solution.

You can find it pretty much anywhere, costing round three bucks for 42 ounces. Its affordability and wide availability make it an attractive option for those looking to freshen up their carpets without breaking the bank.

However, for individuals who prioritize the health and safety of their family, pets, and even their vacuum cleaners, Healthy Planet’s Room Refresher emerges as the more prudent choice in the long run.

Despite the initial higher cost ($4.95 for 4 oz.), its use of natural ingredients lessens the risk of allergic reactions, respiratory issues, or damage to sensitive vacuum cleaner components, presenting it as the better value for mindful consumers.

Which carpet powder provides the best stain prevention?

image of arm and hammer extra strength odor eliminator
Image Source: Walmart

When it comes to keeping your carpets stain-free, think about what’s in those deodorizing powders.

Arm & Hammer’s Carpet Odor Eliminator is great for getting rid of smells, and its baking soda can help mop up spills that might cause stains. But, it’s not really made to prevent stains.

Now, Healthy Planet’s Room Refresher, although it’s all about natural stuff, doesn’t specifically prevent stains either. But hey, it’s gentle on your upholstery and your carpet.

So, neither is a stain-fighting champ; they’re more about kicking out odors and keeping your space fresh and healthy.

Which carpet deodorizer has the best user reviews?

Arm & Hammer’s Carpet Odor Eliminator has a mix of reviews – some love it for banishing odors and being budget-friendly, others not so much due to its chemicals and possible residue.

“As all A&H products this did not disappoint.
1. easy to apply. 2. Easy to vacuum 3. Love the new scent. The last powder I purchased was good, this scent is lighter which I really enjoy for a change.
I have a dog, I cook Spicy food so those smells linger in a small space.
After my first use of this new variety the house smelled fresher. Love it will buy again. Big fan of Arm & Hammer products.


“Do not use if you have cats, Arm and Hammer puts no warning about dangers. Guess what,my healthy cat and many more in reviews have very sickened cats or death with all the same conditions to a “T” starting days after cleaning.I spent over $3000.00 on a very special cat only to have to put her down.OXICLEAN is very evasive when New York State requested them to give the chemicals in this product.”


On the flip side, Healthy Planet’s Room Refresher has only the one review (at the time of this writing), but it raves about its natural ingredients and fresh scent.

It all comes down to picking what matters most to you!

Which is the best vacuum cleaner deodorizer: Arm & Hammer or Room Refresher?

So, when it comes down to it, both Arm & Hammer and Healthy Planet Products have ways to keep your home smelling great.

Personally, I’d go for the Healthy Planet Products Room Refresher. Why?

Well, it’s all about using natural ingredients to avoid any risky chemicals that could harm your kids or your pets. As a mom of six boys and one very sweet German Shepherd, this is huge in my book!!

Plus, my husband would so not be happy with me if I damaged our vacuum cleaner!! 😬

And let’s not forget those amazing scents that can really make your home feel cozy. 🥰

If safety and natural goodness matter to you in your cleaning routine, the Room Refresher is the way to go!

Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating the whole home cleanliness and odor control scene can spark a bunch of questions. So, here we dig into some of the most commonly asked stuff about using vacuum cleaner deodorizers to clear up any doubts you’ve got.

What are powdered carpet deodorizers?

image of arm and hammer odor and dirt eliminator
Image Source: True Value

Powdered carpet deodorizers are cleaning products designed to be sprinkled directly onto carpets and rugs. These powders work by absorbing odors, dampness, and even some types of stains.

After a recommended waiting period, the powder is vacuumed up, leaving the carpet refreshed and smelling clean.

Many of these deodorizers combine odor-absorbing substances with fragrances to both neutralize unpleasant smells and leave a pleasant scent behind.

It’s important for users to follow the product’s instructions carefully to avoid any potential damage to their carpets and ensure effective odor removal.

Does carpet powder actually work?

image of arm and hammer pet fresh carpet odor eliminator
Image Source: Chewy

Yep, they can be great at zapping odors from your carpets and rugs. These products soak up smells, moisture, and some can even tackle light stains.

What makes them work so well? Well, they’re usually packed with baking soda or other natural odor fighters. Many of them also have added fragrances.

Just remember to read your vacuum cleaner’s manual and stick to the instructions on how to use them. Although baking soda does wonders, it can harm your vacuum cleaner.

Why should you avoid using powdered carpet deodorizers?

image of a woman sitting on a bed looking at her vacuum

While powdered carpet deodorizers can seem like a quick fix for carpet odors, they should be used with caution or avoided altogether for several reasons.

First, the tiny particles can get lodged deep within the fibers of the carpet and the vacuum cleaner, potentially reducing the lifespan of both. These particles may not be fully removed by standard vacuuming, leading to a buildup over time that affects indoor air quality.

Additionally, some people and pets might be sensitive to the fragrances and chemicals these powders contain, which can cause allergic reactions or respiratory issues.

Finally, if used excessively, these powders can leave behind a residue that attracts more dirt and grime, ultimately making the carpet dirtier.

Can I leave carpet powder on the carpet?

image of a vacuum cleaner vacuuming a rug

Leaving carpet deodorizer on the carpet for a short period is generally acceptable and can be beneficial for deeper odor neutralization. Most manufacturers recommend letting the powder sit for about 15 minutes to 30 minutes before vacuuming.

This allows the powder enough time to absorb odors and moisture from the carpet fibers.

However, it’s important not to leave the powder on for too long, especially in humid conditions, as this can lead to the powder clumping and becoming harder to remove. Always follow the specific product instructions and check your vacuum’s manual to ensure compatibility.

Do dry carpet cleaning powders work?

image of carpet powder

Dry carpet cleaning powders can be effective for removing light stains and odors from carpets. They work by absorbing dirt, debris, and moisture from the carpet fibers, making them easier to vacuum up.

This method is appreciated for its convenience and for not requiring drying time, unlike wet cleaning methods.

However, it’s essential to use these powders correctly and sparingly to avoid residue buildup and potential damage to the carpet and vacuum cleaner.

For more severe stains or deeply embedded dirt, professional carpet cleaning or more intensive cleaning methods may be necessary for optimal results.

Can I use baking soda on my carpet?

image of baking soda in a jar

Yes, technically baking soda can be used on carpets as a natural and cost-effective cleaning solution. It is known for its deodorizing properties, making it great for neutralizing carpet odors.

But it is also known for being hard on vacuum cleaners. So consider the risk before using.

If you decide to go ahead, simply sprinkle baking soda lightly across the carpet, letting it sit for several hours or overnight for more potent odors, then thoroughly vacuum it up.

While baking soda is generally safe for most types of carpets, it’s always wise to perform a spot test on a small, inconspicuous area to ensure it does not affect the carpet’s color or texture.

After the dust settles…

Once the dust settles, it’s pretty clear that both products have their roles in a full-on carpet cleaning routine.

But, let’s talk about it – the Healthy Planets Room Refresher totally nails it in this face-off! Why?

Well, it’s all about that pet and kid-friendly formula and how easy it is to use with your vacuum.

Picking the Healthy Planets Room Refresher not only means a spick and span home but also that peace of mind, knowing everyone in the house, no matter how many legs they have, are all good!

Before you go!

Ready to transform your home into an oasis of freshness, without having to worry about the well-being of your pets and little ones? Take the step today!

Grab your Healthy Planet Room Refresher and start enjoying a cleaner, more fragrant home environment.

Simply click here to order yours now and experience the difference for yourself.

Don’t miss out on creating a healthier space for you and your loved ones!

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