The Ocean Cleanup: Here’s Why We Love to Support What They Do!

The Ocean Cleanup has a simple strategy for cleaning up our oceans and rivers. Here’s what you can do to help!

The Ocean Cleanup is a nonprofit organization with one goal in mind: getting rid of the plastic and garbage in the world’s oceans.

According to The World Economic Forum, there are approximately 75 million to 199 million tons of plastic pollution in our oceans, with 14 million tons being added every single year.

On top of that, a new study now estimates there to be over 170 trillion plastic particles floating in our world’s oceans.

These plastic particles come from plastic garbage that has been there for so long, it is slowly starting to break down. This is creating a “smog” in the ocean.

As every mom knows, the house isn’t going to clean itself!

And neither will our oceans.

We made this mess.

And The Ocean Cleanup is doing something about it.

What is The Ocean Cleanup about?

image of The Ocean Cleanup
Photo Credit: The Ocean Cleanup

The Ocean Cleanup was founded by Boyan Slat at the ripe old age of 18.

When he was 16, he was appalled at the piles of rubbish he found while scuba diving! He saw more plastic garbage than he did fish.

And he wondered why we just couldn’t clean it up.

Makes perfect sense, right? You make a mess; you clean it up.

This question led him to research the problem for a school project. Then, in 2012, he led a Tedx Talk about how to get rid of plastic in the world’s oceans with new technology.

The video went viral!

And the rest is history.

How does The Ocean Cleanup Work?

image of an Ocean Cleanup ship
Photo Credit: The Ocean Cleanup

When a mom cleans the house, she stops more messes from happening, while also cleaning up the messes that are already there.

Boyan must have paid attention to his mom because he is doing the exact same thing.

He is targeting the world’s top 1,000 rivers responsible for 80% of the plastic emissions in the ocean, while also cleaning up the ocean.

Plastic and other garbage accumulates in the rivers, and then slowly makes its way to the ocean. The Ocean Cleanup intercepts it at the river, using a brilliant device called “The Interceptor”, preventing it from heading to the ocean. 😁

You have to love how down-to-earth this guy really is!

To clean up the ocean, he is using a large, floating net-like barrier that forms a U shape. It’s slowly pulled by two ships and almost looks like it’s “fishing” for trash.

Once a week the net is emptied, and the garbage is sorted, packaged, and sent off to recycling zones.

Then the process is repeated.

How effective is The Ocean Cleanup?

image of garbage in an ocean clean up
Photo Credit: The Ocean Cleanup

In the beginning, The Ocean Cleanup struggled to collect plastic. Its first system, System 001, failed to remove plastic from the ocean as quickly as intended. So, System 002 was born.

In 2022, System 002:

·  Made 8 trips into the Great Pacific Garbage Patch on cleaning operations

·  Spent over 150 days at sea

·  Removed 153 tons of plastic

·  Made 4 consecutive trips with catch totals of over 25 tons

·  Had 99.9% of catches comprising of only plastic

Now they are working on System 003.

How much does The Ocean Cleanup cost?

image of The Ocean Cleanup's Interceptor
Photo Credit: The Ocean Cleanup

The Ocean Cleanup has not publicly disclosed the exact cost of its entire project.

Costs can vary, though, depending on things like research and development, technology deployment, maintenance, operational expenses, and expansion efforts.

The Ocean Cleanup is a nonprofit organization that relies on donations, grants, and support from various sources to fund ocean clean up.

They have conducted multiple campaigns and projects, each with its associated costs.

And they have teamed up with other players, such as Cocoa-Cola and Mr. Beast, to make The Ocean Cleanup possible.

How you can help The Ocean Cleanup with cleaning up the ocean

image of a polluted river
Photo Credit: The Ocean Cleanup

If you want to get involved, here are some easy ways to help The Ocean Cleanup:

1. Spread awareness. Share information about The Ocean Cleanup and their efforts on social media, with friends, family, and in your community. By raising awareness, you can encourage others to get involved!

2. Educate others. Share information about the impact of plastic pollution on the environment and marine life.

3. Volunteer. You can help The Ocean Cleanup by becoming a Citizen Scientist, or you can get involved in local cleanup events.

4. Donate. Consider making a donation to The Ocean Cleanup. Or ask your company to become a partner.

5. Fundraising. Organize fundraising events to support The Ocean Cleanup’s initiatives. You can get creative, with events like charity runs, bake sales, or online crowdfunding campaigns.

6. Reduce plastic use. Minimize your own plastic usage by using reusable bags, water bottles, and containers. Opt for products with less plastic packaging and recycle your plastics.

7. Support sustainable practices. Encourage and support businesses and organizations that are committed to reducing plastic waste and implementing sustainable practices.

It only takes one person to make a big difference! Boyan Slat is a great example of that.

Small, individual actions, when combined, can have a significant impact on reducing plastic pollution and protecting our oceans.

By supporting organizations like The Ocean Cleanup, and making eco-conscious choices in our daily lives, we can contribute to a cleaner, healthier environment for future generations.

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