Fresh Sacks: The Best Eco-Friendly Poop Bags for Dogs and Babies!

Fresh Sacks are 100% biodegradable bags that behave like conventional plastic! Use them for infant and dog waste – and so much more!

Hey there fellow moms and pet owners!

Are you on the hunt for the best eco-friendly biodegradable dog poop bags? With six boys, one grandson, and a German Shepherd who’s more demanding than the kids, I’ve got a front-row seat to the daily diaper changes and doggy doo-doo pickups.

It’s quite the adventure, to say the least! But that’s precisely why I adore Fresh Sacks!

Why I’m your go-to mom for this review

Image of German Shepherd and woman
My and my dog, Ava

As a parent and the proud owner of a furry four-legged friend, I’ve been through it all – the playful antics of my kids and the adorable yet occasionally messy escapades of my German Shepherd.

My boys have taken on the noble duty of scooping up after our canine companion, making them the true experts in the world of best dog poop bags!

Yes, you heard that right, they’re the ones with the real scoop! 😂🤣

But it’s not just about backyard duty. Our family thrives in the great outdoors, from trips to the park to sandy days at the beach. At our lake place, we even find ourselves hauling those lovely little poop bags from the park back to our cabin. 🤣

When I started writing for Healthy Planet Products, they sent me some of their goodies as a gift. To say I was thrilled to see those Fresh Sacks would be an understatement!

These bags have revolutionized our daily routine, whether we’re strolling around town or at the lake. They’re not just bags; they’re our secret weapon in the battle against messes, and they could be your secret weapon too.

In this Fresh Sacks review, we’ll explore their eco-friendly features, durability, and how they compare to the competition.

So, if you’re on the hunt for the best environmentally friendly biodegradable dog poop bags for your family, stick around because we’ve got some valuable info. to share!

Fresh Sacks: your must-have for life’s little messes

I absolutely recommend Fresh Sacks as an essential part of your daily routine for several reasons!

Who will love Fresh Sacks?

image of boy with a dog

These handy little bags are perfect for:

  • Dog owners like me.
  • Parents during on-the-go diaper changes.
  • Women needing a discreet solution for feminine hygiene products.

Where to Find Fresh Sacks

image of Fresh Sacks

Wondering where to get these handy little lifesavers?

You can purchase Fresh Sacks On-the-Go Bags for just $8.99. Each pack contains five rolls, with a total of 75 bags ready to tackle any mess life throws your way.

Get your Fresh Sacks HERE.

Fresh Sacks: A Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags Review

image of Fresh Sacks, eco-friendly dog poop bags

Fresh Sacks are our new go-to for life’s stinky little messes!

What sets Fresh Sacks apart

Image of what sets Fresh Sacks apart

In the world of mess management, Fresh Sacks truly shines, and here’s why:

  • Eco-Friendly and Chemical-Free: Fresh Sacks offers an eco-conscious, chemical-free solution, serving as a fantastic alternative to plastic bags. Ideal for moms, pet owners, and anyone who values sustainability.
  • Long Shelf Life: Fresh Sacks boasts a five-year shelf life when stored properly in a dry, temperature-controlled environment. Avoid humid areas and prolonged exposure to high temperatures.
  • On-The-Go Bags: Designed with your busy lifestyle in mind, these bags measure 9.5 inches in length (including handles, it’s 14 inches), open up to 9 inches, and can hold up to 8lbs of material. Perfect for your daily adventures!
  • Truly Biodegradable: Fresh Sacks take eco-friendliness to the next level, naturally biodegrading in just 22 months without leaving behind harmful microplastics. In the presence of oxygen, they break down into carbon dioxide, water, and biomass.
  • Convenient and Versatile: The refillable, adjustable dispenser is incredibly versatile. Attach it to your purse, diaper bag, stroller, belt loop, dog harness, leash handle, bike, or inside your vehicle for eco-conscious disposal anywhere you need it.
  • Odor Control and Discretion: Fresh Sacks not only locks in unpleasant odors but also provides discretion. Simply tie the handles together for secure, odorless disposal. Their opaque dark green color easily conceals contents, allowing you to manage messes discreetly.
  • Remarkable Durability: Fresh Sacks are as tough as they come, performing like conventional plastic bags during their intended service life. Offering leak-proof protection and the capacity to hold up to 8 lbs. of material.

In a nutshell, Fresh Sacks are your eco-friendly, durable, and versatile companions for effortlessly managing life’s messes and promoting a greener planet!

Our Pre-Fresh Sacks Struggles

image of using Fresh Sacks to pick up dog poop
Me, using Fresh Sacks 🙂

Before we stumbled upon Fresh Sacks, dealing with our German Shepherd’s messes was quite the ordeal! I didn’t pay much attention to the bags I used; I simply grabbed whatever was available at Walmart.

Initially, I opted for Arm & Hammer bags from Walmart.

These bags were an absolute nightmare, especially with a German Shepherd in tow.

They did get the job done, but managing the mess often required two bags.

They didn’t have handles, so tying them up was a messy challenge, especially when my dog was in a hurry.

And they couldn’t withstand our daily runs! The tie for the dispenser frequently snapped, leading to unexpected treasure hunts during our four-mile outings! 😆

I also tried reusing plastic grocery bags, which were ample in size for our dog’s “gifts” but far from eco-friendly.

Reusing them alleviated some of the guilt, but they were hardly convenient to carry around.

While they served their purpose in a pinch, we knew that a better, more eco-conscious solution was needed to manage the messy business of pet parenting.

Thankfully, Fresh Sacks came to our rescue!

These eco-conscious, practical, and reliable bags have revolutionized our daily cleanup routine, making it more straightforward and environmentally friendly than ever before.

Things to keep in mind

image of boy with dog
My son with his pup

While Fresh Sacks excels in many areas, here are a few considerations to remember:

💩 Shelf life

Fresh Sacks, like most biodegradable bags, have a limited shelf life. They will remain effective for up to 5 years when stored correctly in a dry and temperature-controlled environment.

To extend their shelf life, avoid storing Fresh Sacks in humid areas, as moisture can accelerate their breakdown. Optimal storage is in a cool, dry place.

🐶 Suitability for large dog breeds

Fresh Sacks have proven they can handle my German Shepherd, but she’s quite ladylike! 😁

While they can handle up to 8 pounds of waste, I can’t guarantee their suitability for enormous dog breeds with heftier gifts. If your furry companion produces facilities larger than that, these dog waste bags might not be the most practical choice.

So, as you continue your clean and green journey, remember to store your Fresh Sacks with care and consider your furry friend’s unique needs.

Here’s to cleaner and greener adventures ahead! 🌿🐾🐶


Have questions about using biodegradable dog poop bags? We’ve got answers! Check out these frequently asked questions to learn more about the eco-friendly choice for managing your furry friend’s waste.

Q: What is the most environmentally friendly dog poop bag?

A: The most environmentally friendly dog poop bags are those that are genuinely biodegradable and break down naturally, leaving no harmful residues behind. Brands like Fresh Sacks offer such eco-friendly options.

Q: What is the most eco-friendly way to pick up dog poop?

A: The most eco-friendly way is to use biodegradable dog poop bags, which break down naturally over time, reducing environmental impact.

Q: Can you get biodegradable dog poop bags?

A: Yes, you can find biodegradable dog poop bags, like Fresh Sacks, which offer an environmentally conscious solution for pet waste bags.

Q: Are biodegradable dog poop bags really biodegradable?

A: Yes, reputable biodegradable dog waste and poop bags are designed to naturally break down into non-harmful components over time, leaving no harmful residues behind.

Q: How long do biodegradable dog poop bags take to decompose?

A: Biodegradable dog poop bags vary in decomposition time, influenced by factors like environmental conditions and bag composition.

Fresh Sacks, for instance, biodegrade in just 22 months under typical conditions, minimizing environmental impact.

However, not all biodegradable bags are equal; some may take longer to decompose and may leave microplastics.

Choose reputable brands like Fresh Sacks for an eco-friendly and efficient decomposition solution.

Q: What are the most eco-friendly poop bags?

A: The most eco-friendly poop bags are those that are biodegradable, breaking down naturally and minimizing environmental impact. Fresh Sacks is an example of a brand offering such environmentally friendly options.

Q: Are biodegradable poop bags better for the environment?

A: Yes, biodegradable poop bags are better for the environment as they reduce plastic waste and minimize long-lasting environmental impact.

Q: What is the difference between biodegradable and compostable poo bags?

A: Biodegradable bags break down naturally over time, while compostable bags require specific conditions, like those found in industrial composting facilities, to decompose fully.

Q: Are biodegradable dog bags better?

A: Biodegradable dog bags are a better choice for environmentally conscious pet owners as they contribute to reducing plastic pollution and promote eco-friendly waste management.

Q: What is the most eco-friendly poop bags?

A: The most eco-friendly poop bags are biodegradable bags that break down naturally, leaving behind no harmful residues. Brands like Fresh Sacks offer such environmentally friendly options.

Choosing biodegradable dog poop bags, like Fresh Sacks, not only simplifies your daily routine but also helps protect our planet by reducing plastic waste. Make the environmentally conscious choice for your pet and our world!

Buyer’s Guide: The Best Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags

image of Fresh Sacks, the best environmentally friendly dog poop bag

Choosing the right eco-friendly biodegradable dog poop bags is important for environmentally conscious pet owners.

In this buyer’s guide, we’ll take a closer look at Fresh Sacks by Healthy Planet Products – their cool features, what makes them tick, and even some hints about when they might not be the best match for your needs.

Plus, we’ll peek at any wallet-friendly options they’ve got up their sleeve. So, let’s get this poop party started! 🐾💩

Fresh Sacks features and benefits

image of Fresh Sacks

Fresh Sacks, created by Healthy Planet Products, is leading the way in eco-friendly waste management. These biodegradable bags are designed to make your daily pet care routine more sustainable and convenient.

Here’s why Fresh Sacks stand out:

1. Biodegradable d2w® Technology: Fresh Sacks utilizes innovative d2w® technology, which transforms ordinary plastic into a material with a different molecular structure when exposed to oxygen. This transformation enables the bag to naturally biodegrade by bacteria and fungi in the open environment, significantly faster than regular plastic.

2. 22-Month Biodegradation: While most environmentally friendly dog poop bags don’t fully decompose, Fresh Sacks biodegrade in just 22 months, leaving behind no harmful residues! They break down into carbon dioxide, water, and biomass, aligning with nature’s waste processes.

3. Recyclable and Food-Safe: These bags can be recycled alongside conventional polymers and can even be manufactured using recyclate. They meet food contact regulations according to FDA and EU standards, ensuring safety for both you and your pet.

4. Durability and Discretion: Despite their eco-friendliness, Fresh Sacks are exceptionally sturdy and can hold up to 8 pounds of material. They also provide privacy during disposal, allowing for worry-free and discreet use.

5. Odor and Leak Resistance: Fresh Sacks offers a secure, odor-free, and leak-resistant solution. Simply tie the handles together for secure disposal, and rest assured that unpleasant odors will remain contained.

What sets Fresh Sacks apart in the Healthy Planet Products lineup?

image of Fresh Sacks

Fresh Sacks offers a range of biodegradable bags designed to cater to various needs.

While they all share the same commitment to eco-friendliness, they come in different formats, including the standard Fresh Sacks and the Fresh Sacks On-The-Go Bags.

These variations provide flexibility for users to choose the right option for their lifestyle, whether they need standard poop bags, or something else for daily walks, travels, or other specific purposes. If you’re looking for the best earth-friendly dog poop bags, Fresh Sacks has options to match your needs.

What to look for in a waste bag

image of Fresh Sacks

When shopping for biodegradable dog poop bags, consider the following factors:

1. Biodegradability: Ensure the bags are genuinely biodegradable, like Fresh Sacks, and that they meet recognized standards for biodegradation.

2. Durability: Look for bags that are strong enough to contain waste without tearing or leaking.

3. Size: Choose bags that are the right size for your dog’s waste, and are convenient to carry.

4. Eco-friendly materials: Opt for bags made from eco-friendly materials that reduce environmental impact.

5. Convenience: Consider features like handles, odor control, and leak-proof designs for a more convenient user experience.

Budget-friendly alternatives by Fresh Sacks

If you’re a pet owner looking for budget-friendly options from Fresh Sacks, consider exploring their range of package sizes.

Buying in bulk often means lower per-bag costs, making it a more cost-effective choice.

Also, keep an eye out for occasional promotions or discounts from Fresh Sacks, which can help you save money while still prioritizing eco-friendly waste management.

How to use Fresh Sacks for infant or dog waste

using Fresh Sacks
Picking up poop 🤢

We know you’re juggling a gazillion things, so let’s keep this simple.

Here’s how to use Fresh Sacks for both your dog’s poop or your little one’s diaper changes:

💩 For infant waste:

  1. Keep a stash of Fresh Sacks in your diaper bag, stroller, or purse – wherever you need them most.
  2. When it’s diaper duty time, grab a Fresh Sack from your trusty dispenser.
  3. Lay your baby on the changing table or mat and proceed with the diaper change as usual. Remember to have your wipes, cream, and fresh diaper ready to roll.
  4. Once you’ve got the messy deed contained, carefully place the soiled diaper and wipes into the Fresh Sack.
  5. Seal the bag by tying the handles together in a knot, and voilà, you’ve got an odor-free and discreet bundle ready for disposal.
  6. Dispose of the tied Fresh Sack in the nearest trash bin. Easy peasy, right?

🐶 For dog waste:

  1. Whether you’re out on a walk, at the dog park, or in your own backyard, always have your Fresh Sacks dispenser within reach. You can easily attach it to your dog’s leash or harness for quick access when nature calls.
  2. When your furry friend does their business, grab a Fresh Sack.
  3. Use the bag to pick up the mess – just like you would with any other poop bag.
  4. Once it’s scooped up, tie those handy handles together in a secure knot. No worries about leaks or odors escaping!
  5. Dispose of the tied Fresh Sack in the nearest dog waste bin or regular trash can. Say goodbye to lingering smells!

That’s it, folks! Fresh Sacks make handling both infant and dog waste a breeze. Stay fresh, stay clean, and enjoy your parenting and pet adventures without a hitch. 😊🐾👶

Why use environmentally friendly dog poop bags?

image of dog on a boat
Our girl ❤️

I know that picking up after your furry friend isn’t the most glamorous part of pet ownership.

However, here’s why you should consider switching to environmentally friendly dog poop bags like Fresh Sacks:

1. Reduce plastic pollution: Regular plastic bags take centuries to break down, leaving harmful microplastics behind. Opting for biodegradable bags like Fresh Sacks helps reduce plastic pollution in our environment.

2. Minimize environmental impact: Fresh Sacks uses d2w® technology to accelerate natural degradation. In just 22 months, these bags break down into harmless components, leaving no toxic residues.

3. Convenience meets sustainability: Fresh Sacks offers the best of both worlds. They are as convenient and reliable as regular plastic bags during use, while also allowing you to make an environmentally responsible choice.

4. Maintain clean public spaces: We all love spending time in parks, on trails, and at the beach. Using environmentally friendly poop bags ensures that these public spaces stay clean and enjoyable for everyone, including future generations.

5. Support sustainable practices: Choosing products like Fresh Sacks supports brands that prioritize sustainability. Your purchase contributes to a greener, cleaner planet.

In a nutshell, using environmentally friendly dog poop bags is a small change that makes a big impact.

It’s an easy way to show your love for your pet and the planet simultaneously.

So the next time your furry friend does their business, reach for Fresh Sacks, the most eco-friendly poop bags! And take one small step toward a cleaner, greener world. 🌍🐾

Before You Go!

Before we wrap things up, I want to share why I’m totally hooked on Fresh Sacks and where you can grab them.

Why do I love Fresh Sacks?

Fresh Sacks are like eco-friendly superheroes for pet waste! They’re biodegradable, which means they naturally break down without any harmful stuff left behind.

These bags are seriously handy for daily walks with your four-legged buddy. They’re tough, keep those smells in check, and can handle a good load. Plus, they come with an adjustable dispenser, so you’re always ready to roll.

Fresh Sacks aren’t just for pet parents like us. They’re like multi-tools that make life easier for parents of little ones, women during their monthly cycles, and folks with specific needs.

So, where can you find Fresh Sacks? Right here! Just click HERE to see all the options and pick the perfect Fresh Sacks for your situation.

Make the eco-friendly choice today and let Fresh Sacks make your walks cleaner and greener.

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